Podcasts are essential to my self development. Without podcasts, I would not be the same person I am today.podcast

In case you don’t know, a podcast is an audio or video file on the internet for download on any device. There’s podcasts about cats, golf, government, business, investing, anime, baking, and just about anything that may interest you.

Around August of last year, I began my adventure of podcast listening. The following podcasts enriched my life and brought crazy passion. To those podcasters, if you’re reading, THANK YOU! from the bottom of my heart. You’ve made a huge difference in my life.

What I share below are the top podcasts for leaders in no particular order.

This is Your Life – Michael Hyatt
Michael Hyatt, the previous CEO of Thomas Nelson (major publishing company), speaks on living with intentional leadership. He speaks about creating greater focus and living with audacious passion. He usually provides simple step-by-step process to achieve an end result. He also answers around 5-8 listener questions. It’s a great way to get your platform promoted. He’s answered about 4-5 of my questions 😀


Some of my favorite episodes:
How Do Busy Leaders Find Time for Social Media
How to Become a Morning Person
How to Overcome the Resistance
How to Say No Without Feeling Guilty
The How of Wow

48 Days – Dan Miller
Dan Miller is a millionaire career coach with enough inspiration in his finger tip to light a fire in a passionless sloth. He shares success stories and answers questions about business and careers. He has amazing insight into the “why” and “how” of business. If you have any question about your job, business or need a job, please spend 3 minutes and ask him. His podcasts eventually disappear, so get them quick!
If you haven’t already, I’d encourage you to join his online community 48Days.net. This community is alive and active with the pursuit of passion and profitability.

Starve the Doubts – Jared Easley
Jared Easley is the self-proclaimed “Average Guy” who interviews today’s top minds. Jared’s podcast has a great informal approach which provides you a little more insight into who the interviewee is. Jared is not only a friend to me, but an inspiration. He encourages me to pursue the Leadership Dojo and I love him for it.

Some of my fav interviews:
#12 – Chris Brogan
#16 – Pat Flynn
#10 – Dave Delaney

Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast – Andy Stanley
Andy is the Founder of North Point Ministries. His podcasts provide great content of a tried and true leader. I absolutely love his insight on how to move organizations from point A (awful) to point B (awesome!). Sadly, his podcasts are only once a month and disappear over time.


Entrepreneur on Fire – John Lee Dumas
Talk about intense! I can never keep up with this guy! John interviews entrepreneurs who are rocking it. A new podcast comes out every day. John usually asks each guest the same questions, but you never get the same answer.

Interviews on Fire:
8: Amy Porterfield of Facebook Influence
14: Corbett Barr of Think Traffic
70: Erik Fisher of Beyond the To Do List
43: Seth Godin

Eventual Millionaire – Jaime Tardy
Ever wanted to meet and talk to a millionaire? Jaime does it for fun. I love her idea. She interviews millionaires weekly and asks them how did they arrive to their success. You may be surprised by what these rich guys say.

Look like a Million Bucks episodes:
Bob Burg
Gary Vaynerchuk
Ryan Eldridge

The Entreleadership Podcast – Chris Hogan
This was my first podcast to subscribe to and it remains one of my top favorites. Every two weeks, Chris interviews our nation’s top leaders who are also entrepreneurs. These interviews are spectacular as guests share their incredible wisdom into every topic that is business.

Amazing ones:
Start with Why – Simon Sinek
Financial Peace – Daniel Lapin
Marketing – Robin Robins
Inspiration – Jenn Lim
Decision Making – Jim Collins

In the Loop with Andy Andrews – Andy Andrews and Robert D. Smith
This is my off-the-wall leadership podcast. Andy never prepares for this, but his wisdom is infinitely valuable. This weekly podcast is a must for any leader who has a desire to think through problems. Andy is great at slowing down a problem and thinking through why the problem exists. He teaches people “How to Think”, not “What to Think”

Podcasts that make you think:
#87 – How to communite with teenagers 
#69 – The Art of Goal Setting
#56 – Intention vs. Action

Career Tools/Manager Tools – Mark Horstman and Wendy Wilhelm
This is the BEST podcast for how to do anything in your career, whether you’re starting or leading. I absolutely love Mark’s “I don’t care what you think, I’m right” attitude. He may come across as a know-it-all, but trust me, he knows a lot. They have a great structure and provide HIGHLY valuable content.

Podcasts that I’ve Listened to More than 3 times:
Resumes for Graduates
Dealing with Colleagues Who Don’t Pull Their Weight
Systematic Career Document
Attending a Conference
Disagreeing with Your Boss
Building a Network

The School of Greatness – Lewis Howes
GET OFF YOUR BUTT AND DO SOMETHING! Lewis the motivational guru, once NFL star turned entrepreneur, who motivates me to make something amazing. He weekly interviews sons and daughters of Greatness. His story and the stories of others, make me wanna stand up and shout. Usually I do. Except when in cars.

Interviews of Greatness
Kyle Maynard- No excuses approach to success
How to Live an Unreal Life: Burn Fat and Have More Sex
Tim Ferriss on Meta Learning and Living the Good Life

LDRLB (Leader Lab) – David Burkus
David is the “Professor” of Leadership. He pumps out bi-monthly interviews with leaders across the globe. These are shorter interviews, but the content never suffers. These are great introduction into leaders’ minds and how they operate.

There’s too many more… I left out Chris Brogan because it’s 1:30AM. Please forgive me,
I wanted to keep writing and sharing the podcasts that change me, but my hands hurt.

What life-changing podcasts do you listen to? What is the number 1 podcast you recommend to friends? What ones did I leave out that should be listed? 

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About the Author Alex

Brian Knight says June 27, 2013

Great post Alex! Podcast have truly changed my life as well. Some of the podcast you mentioned are new to me so I will have to check them out. I would add the Ray Edwards podcast as one more. Looking forward to your new podcast. Keep the post coming.

    Alex Barker says June 27, 2013

    Thanks Brian! I haven’t hear of Ray Edwards before. I will have to check him out. I appreciate the encouragement.

      Jon D Harrison says July 6, 2013

      I have to 2nd Ray Edwards – his content and format is super-solid

Entrepreneur On Fire says June 27, 2013

Alex, thanks for the FireNation Love! We’ll try to keep things intense 🙂

Jared Easley says June 27, 2013

Hey Alex! Thank you so much for the mention. I am pumped up about what you are doing. The Leadership Dojo is a fantastic idea. I am here for you to encourage you & help along the way. Keep starving the doubts brother!

    Alex Barker says June 27, 2013

    What you share Jared is life-changing! Thanks for reaching out!

Jared Easley says June 27, 2013

Another cool podcast is Joey Kissimmee from incomepress.com. He has a ton of awesome interviews (Check out the recent interview with Amy Porterfield – http://www.incomepress.com/facebook-marketing-amy-porterfield/). I also recommend David J Soler’s Relationship Marketing podcast as well (check out the interview with David Siteman Garland – http://www.davidjsoler.com/014/). Jon D Harrison has an outstanding blog on leadership as well… no podcast yet, but his blog is awesome (check out this post – http://bit.ly/14ct4pQ).

    Alex Barker says June 27, 2013

    Thanks for those suggestions Jared. I have heard of Joey or Garland’s podcast. I know who they are though. Thanks for being awesome.

Travis Scott says June 28, 2013

Great podcasts…I am a podcast junkie. Some others that I listen to are Rise to the Top, The KickAss Life, Start Up School (seth godin), and Joel Osteen podcast. They aren’t all about leadership, but they are all AWESOME!

    Alex Barker says June 29, 2013

    All amazing podcasts! I can’t list them all by myself. Thanks for sharing Travis.

Michael Good says June 28, 2013


Podcasts have been life changing for me too. I listen to many of the same ones as you do. Haven’t heard of LDRLB. I’m going to check it out! Thanks.

Love the site, by the way!

    Michael Good says June 28, 2013

    Forgot the number one I recommend. Dan Miller, baby. 🙂

      Alex Barker says June 29, 2013

      If you couldn’t tell, my blog picture is my podcast list and Dan’s near the top 😉

    Alex Barker says June 29, 2013

    Thanks for the love Michael! I will get back to you about a date for the interview!

Jon D Harrison says June 30, 2013

Great listing here Alex, thanks for sharing the episodes you enjoyed the most. I have a few to add to my list, but one I enjoy quite a bit is Parenting on Purpose : http://parentingonpurpose.org/ with Dr. Bob Barnes – amazing, to say the least.

    Alex Barker says June 30, 2013

    Love, love and love Bob’s podcast. Absolutely great resource on parenting

Dan Black says June 30, 2013

This is a great list Alex. I enjoy listening to Podcasts by Michael Hyatt, Dan Miller, and Dave Ramsey. I’ll have to check out some of the other ones you mentioned.

I also enjoy Jared Latigo’s Podcast: Personal Branding for your Lovely Face http://jaredlatigo.com/category/podcast/

    Alex Barker says June 30, 2013

    I’ve listened to his podcast for a while. It’s funny how small this online community is!

      Dan Black says June 30, 2013

      Nice! It’s bigger than we think:)

Olu Sanya says July 2, 2013

Great job Alex, this is an All star list of Podcasting. All these guys are first ballot Podcasting Hall of famers

    Alex Barker says July 13, 2013

    Olu, I can hear your wonderful accent as I read your comment. Thanks for reading!

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Kelly Henderson says July 9, 2013

Great Job Alex
The Daily Boost by Scott Smith at motivationtomove.com is a great kick in the pants to motivate anyone! His “Scott-logic” is frank and basically tells you what you knew but were afraid to face. Keep up the work!

Allan Dubon says July 10, 2013

I haven’t heard of leader lab so I will have to check it out. I love all of these podcast on the list!!! I also wanted to mention a couple I love: Amy Porterfield’s podcast http://www.amyporterfield.com/category/podcast/
and Learning with Leslie http://www.becomeablogger.com/podcast-2/ These two also offer a lot of valuable info!

    Alex Barker says July 11, 2013

    Yes! Amy is genius. I will be checking Leslie’s podcast very soon 😀

Justin Carper says July 15, 2013

Great list! A lot of those were already staples of my weekly listens. Thanks for what looks to be some great new content for me!

    Alex Barker says July 15, 2013

    Glad we connected Justin. Let me know how I can help you start 🙂

jodyberkey says July 16, 2013

These are some great podcasts, Alex. My podcast listening time has been negatively impacted by my now zero minute commute (down from about 8 hours/week). I think I need to be more intentional in scheduling some listening and learning time again. Thanks for a great list to jump start my efforts.

    Alex Barker says July 17, 2013

    Glad I could spark your interest! What’s your favorite podcast?

      jodyberkey says July 17, 2013

      I like Pat Flynn a lot. Even though I don’t know him personally, I feel like we’re buds since he’s so personable. The Entreleadership podcasts are toward the top of my list as well.

      I need to be careful that too much listening (and reading) does not impede on the time I dedicate to taking action. I tend to get stuck in the planning and dreaming stage for too long. 🙂

        Alex Barker says July 17, 2013

        I know how you feel. The past 10 months it was content intake. Now it’s time to give to everyone 🙂 Hence, the Leadership Dojo

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Tammy Helfrich says August 9, 2013

Great list, Alex!

Christopher James says August 12, 2013

Lowis Howes and Amy Porterfield are my favorite. I also love Joey Kissimmee from the Income Press Podcast.

Peter Billingham says August 13, 2013

Hi Alex – thanks for the great list! Many of those are may favourites, though how could you not put Mr Brogan in the top list! 🙂 Here is one that I enjoy it can be a bit obscure at times, but Alex Baldwin has a great interview style and some interesting guests, check out the Billy Joel interview – http://www.wnyc.org/shows/heresthething/ Thanks for the content!

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