Secrets to Life and Business – Blog Series

Don’t you love discovering a secret?


There’s a new position opening at your favorite company, but it hasn’t been posted online yet.


A big name author is giving away his new book to the first 100 subscribers


Secrets can provide opportunities. Secrets can enlighten. Secrets can change lives.

Sometimes secrets cost years of life experience. Other times secrets are gained by failing.

Over the coming weeks, I will reveal secrets to life and business from America’s top business and life coaches.

I asked dozens of coaches one question:

What is a secret to to leading a successful life or business?

The responses I received are phenomenal.

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How to Read Your Way To Leadership – Jeff Brown

read-to-lead-solid-gold-1-300x213Jeff Brown is the Host of Read to Lead Podcast. He is our career Senpai for this week. He has an excellent story of determination in the face of losing his job of 14 years.

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Start Your Happiness Webinar 7PM EST TONIGHT!






TONIGHT I, Jeff Brown of Read to Lead Podcast, and Ellory Wells of Empowering the 80% will have a round table discussion with Brendan Baker of  the Start of Happiness.

We will discuss the importance of understanding your values and yourself and it’s implication for happiness and success and how happiness leads to success and not the other way around.




There will be a Youtube video in this post for you to view TONIGHT at 6PM Central

You can view it here LIVE or watch it later.

What if Money Was No Object

Adrian SerghieImagine you could start life over. You could go back through school, teenage years, college (if you went) and relive it all with your current knowledge.

Would you do it all over the same? What would you chase after? What if money was no object?

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4 Key Principles for New Employees

I have a daunting task: offer therapy recommendations to doctors and patients (who are over twice my age) as a young pharmacist.

I was recently hired at a Hospital in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan as a “Clinical Pharmacy Specialist.” Sounds pretty cool right?

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11 Amazing Podcasts that Leaders Need

Podcasts are essential to my self development. Without podcasts, I would not be the same person I am today.podcast

In case you don’t know, a podcast is an audio or video file on the internet for download on any device. There’s podcasts about cats, golf, government, business, investing, anime, baking, and just about anything that may interest you.

Around August of last year, I began my adventure of podcast listening. The following podcasts enriched my life and brought crazy passion. To those podcasters, if you’re reading, THANK YOU! from the bottom of my heart. You’ve made a huge difference in my life.

What I share below are the top podcasts for leaders in no particular order.

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The Importance of Reading – Michael Good Self-Development Senpai

Michael GoodMichael Good is our Featured Friday Senpai. He is our Self-Development Dojo leader for this week. Senpai Michael is the blogger of Rise 365. I met Michael online over 8 months ago. I joined a productivity Facebook group he started and I’ve followed him ever since. He is a self-employed music teacher, with a passion for growing not only himself, but his business and family.

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How My Backwards Journey Can Help You Move Forward

Bio: Aspiring author, blogger, and coach Drew Tewell is on a journey to his dream job, full-time author, blogger, and coach. Join him on his journey at Maybe even start your own. You can also follow him on Twitter.

It all starts with a dream.

Five years ago I began to dream a new dream. I wanted to become a coach, helping people with their finances, careers and personal development.

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6 Lessons From My Epic Fail of 2013 – Breaking My Word

Like you, I have a checkered past. I’ve made plenty of mistakes. I was fired twice, scolded for many mistakes in previous jobs, and been told that my personality is combative.
And I failed to kept my word on one major occasion.

I really don’t want to share this. Even as I write, my brain says, “No! Don’t tell them you’re a failure! Don’t tell them this major mistake! What if you’re current employer finds out? What if all your friends find out?”

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Conquering Obesity, Diabetes, Depression: Motivational Senpai Jen Moff

Jennifer Moff

Jen Moff is our featured self-development Senpai.

Jen went through a harmful relationship, gained 69 pounds, developed type 2 diabetes, and suffered clinical depression. After a series of events, Jen bounced out of all of her self-inflicted problems and into Motivational Speaking. Jen Senpai is the creator of “Get Turned on…30 days to a Brand New YOU!”  She has an amazing story of pain and freedom through self-care. Continue reading