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Best Bro Night Ever – Gratitude Day 2 of 30

Day 2 of the 30 Days of Gratitude Experiment

I remember in school completing cheesy Thanksgiving assignments :

Write out a list of all the people, things, and places that you appreciate.

Perhaps an adequate assignment for children…

Sadly, I attended a seminar on leadership where the speaker asked us to do a similar project.

This idea is not helpful because it lacks the deeper thought of what a person truly appreciates. Instead, it is simply counting blessings and moving on.
The assignment doesn’t invoke the gratitude attitude.  

Instead of creating one list and then writing out the things that you’re grateful for,
TODAY I recommend you first write one time when you were extremely happy.

Write out why you were happy at that time.
Who was there? What was the event? What about the experience made you over-joyous?

My Story

One of the greatest “Man” moments in my life was my bachelor party. This was a night of pure joy.

My friends planned everything, and they can be summed up in three words : Steak, Arcade, and Lightsabers.

My closest group of college friends planned one night to rule them all.

Between lasertag, go carts, stupid arcade games, and all you can eat steak, best bro night ever.

The final piece that made the night perfect was the lightsaber battles.

My friends ingeniously created this idea, and I’ll forever love them for it. Everyone bought lightsabers before heading out, specifically to Grand Rapids, Michigan.

After eating our fill of steak, we headed out into the town. Our first destination was the heart of downtown, the ice arena.

A friend brought a boombox designed for playing music at a construction site and played “Dual of Fates“. We split into two groups and fought a Jedi battle like Grand Rapids had never seen before. Then we proceeded to have battles in front of all the fancy downtown restaurants.

by theoriginalamandatastic

by theoriginalamandatastic


Some crowds clapped, others looked on with disdain and confusion.

It may seem strange to you, but this is one of my most memorable moments of Graduate school.

I am thankful for those who put it together: Dave Kruh, Andy Rausch, Cameron Hartman, Blake Robitaille, Jason Merkle, Billy Reichhardt, Matt Everitt, Luke Berger (the list is too long). You guys made one of the best nights of my bachelordom. 

Join with me in my 30 Days of Gratitude Experiment by thinking of those moments in life when you were the happiest. Then, share it with others.

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Let me know your gratitude story and I may enter it in the 30 Days of Gratitude free audio book give-away: “How Full is Your Bucket” by Tom Rath and Donald Clifton.

What was one of your life’s happiest moment and who was you with?


Success is in the Eye of the Beholder

Connie Pheiff is our Success Secret provider this week. Connie is the CEO for the United Way. She coaches professional executives. Check out her site here.




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Discovering Your WHY to Create Success

aj_jump_profile_tallAlan Jackson is our Success Secret provider this week. Adam is the Action Evangelist and leader of Six Month Jump. He helps people achieve their goals in Six Months.





I’m an advocate for utilizing the Power of WHY to achieve success. Understanding your personal “why” isn’t achieved overnight. However, the process can be accelerated by implementing a three-phase approach.

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11 Leadership Principles for Business from the US Marines

Welcome to an excerpt from One Bold Move, a blog created by Frank Gustafsonwritten to encourage you towards becoming an entrepreneur & making that OneBoldMove to make it happen.

leadershipLeadership is critical to any business and if you have, or hope to one day have a team…  these 11 principles borrowed from the US Marines will serve you well. These principles are instilled in every Marine officer and they are put to use everyday by Marines in the field and by Marines in business.  I trust that they will help in your organization too.
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Learning to Lead

Travis Scott spent the better half of a decade doing what society taught – go to college, get a job, and work in that career for the rest of your life.  After realizing he wanted more, Travis changed careers and changed his life.  Now, he loves what he does, and at his website,  He is an aspiring speaker, coach, and blogger.




It’s no secret many people strive for success in their lives.  Whether you want to be a great parent, successful in your career, or an awesome spouse, there is one common denominator that will help you achieve that success: Leadership.

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Plan for Success

photo-3Brad McCullouch is our Success Secret provider this week. He is an attorney, 48 Days to the Work you Love group facilitator, former college professor. Check out his site here.




Volumes upon volumes of trade journals, industry periodicals, and texts of varying size and seriousness have attempted to discover the secret to success in business since the word “business” found its way into the modern dictionary.  Having studied business, taught business related course work, and worked on his business, this writer can give you his “secrets” to leading a successful business.

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Strengths are a Secret to a Successful Life

Deb-Ingino-1-680x1024This is our second week of the “Secrets of Life and Business” from stupendous coaches! Deb Ingino is our Success Secret provider this week. As CEO of Strength Leader Development, Deb mentors people on how to reach their highest level of performance by discovering and leading with their strengths.  Deb is a Founding Partner with Leadership Expert John C. Maxwell in his Coaching, Speaking and Training Team and is the host of the Leadership Insight Podcast on iTunes.





When Alex asked me this question, it was easy to think of practical tactics that bring us success and while tactics are important they work when there is a vision.

There is a secret to achieving success.

It’s not magic.

It’s not money.

It’s staying in our Strengths Zone.

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The Dojo’s Success and Failure Thus Far

The last two months were a roller coaster ride. I experienced many successes and some failures AND learned tons.

For those of you who don’t know, I just the Leadership Dojo. My goal is to help you learn success principles from leaders to make your life CRAZY AWESOME. My first blog post launched on 6/24/13, with an overwhelming response.

If there was one thing I would tell the Alex before I started the Leadership Dojo, it would be to work on my time management skills. I messed up on a few interviews because I didn’t manage my time wisely.

Here are some accomplishments in the last month:

23 interviews with amazing leaders

26 blog posts with surprising response

New friends who enrich my life:

Jon Harrison

Jared Easley – Starve the Doubts Podcast

Drew Tewell – Dream Job Program

Amber Hurdle – Mega Moxie

My Entrepreneurial Mastermind will (hopefully) start a group project for a special author 🙂

Launched a Podcast Dojo Mastermind with 8 podcasters

Created the Dojo Launch Team for the Leadership Dojo podcast

Webinar about happiness and success

Future interviews on the Leadership Dojo include

Pat Flynn
Chris LoCurto
Brendan Baker
Erik Fisher
Dan Miller
And many more

Created a video on how to set up your own Self-Hosted WordPress Blog

Future Hangouts for the Dojo Launch Team

Micheal Good – How to maximize your effectiveness with the Legal Pad @ 7PM CST September 18th

Ellory Wells – Empower Leaders @ 8PM CST September 11th

Paul Sohn – Live Intentionally @ 7PM CST September 16th

Scott Barlow – TBD

All this to say encouragement in your lives : your passion can Your passion can become your reality.

Don’t fear failure. Do you know how many things I’ve failed at while launching this podcast? Too many guys.

I completely forgot about my interview with Stu McLaren. (We rescheduled)

I sent out an introductory email to my subscribers asking for feedback. Lost 4 and received 0 responses.

I forgot to post a blog on a few days. (Right now my goal is to post a new blog 3 times a week)

Some of my friends questioned my motives and even attempted to dissuade my leadership path.

I neglected time with my family.

I missed my daughter’s first haircut because I had an interview.

I learned and moved on. I did the next right thing.

This has been an amazing 2 months and I can’t wait another 27 days until the Leadership Dojo launches!

What questions do you have for Pat Flynn, Chris LoCurto, Brendan Baker, Erik Fisher, or Dan Miller? Would you like to participate in one of the Launch Team’s Hangouts?

How a Letter From the Future Can Change Your Life

Terri-LevineTerri Levine is our Success Secret provider this week. Terri is the business mentoring expert. Terri coaches on leadership, marketing and business growth. Check out her site here.




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Secrets to Life and Business – Blog Series

Don’t you love discovering a secret?


There’s a new position opening at your favorite company, but it hasn’t been posted online yet.


A big name author is giving away his new book to the first 100 subscribers


Secrets can provide opportunities. Secrets can enlighten. Secrets can change lives.

Sometimes secrets cost years of life experience. Other times secrets are gained by failing.

Over the coming weeks, I will reveal secrets to life and business from America’s top business and life coaches.

I asked dozens of coaches one question:

What is a secret to to leading a successful life or business?

The responses I received are phenomenal.

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