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Gratitude for Boredom – Gratitude Day 6 of 30

Thankful for the moments of waiting

I spend my time on the potty looking at my iPhone. I hated admitting that fact here, but it’s true.

I am extremely impatient with silence, waiting, loading, times of nothingness.

My impatience leads me to seek out ways to “maximize” my time. I’ll read and answer my emails during my bathroom time.

What brought me to write this today was a mall rat teenager who had his headphones blasting. I immediately thought,
“What a booger-head. He’s with his family and friends and he can’t even enjoy their company.”

Oh crap.
I’m that booger-head teenager.

I check my email and Facebook while my wife is shopping.

I read my twitter feed while my daughter is busy playing.

These precious moments turn into frantic searches for self-gratification. The chief aim is to calm my desire for pleasure, to stop the feelings of boredom.

I think I may be afraid of those moments because of what may surface. Remembering the assignment I have due, a person I have wronged,
or thinking about who I am and is what I am doing with my life my true purpose (deep meaning stuff, blah).

When I am searching the internet for my next big thing, my thoughts can quickly turn sour if I am interrupted.
The same holds true if I am processing my emails while on a shopping excursion with my family

I remember recently my wife, daughter and I were in JCPenny shopping for deals. My wife had a collection of clothes to try on that would make Paris Hilton jealous.

So I waited outside with Izzie, my daughter. I became bored as usual and wanted to catch up on some blogs.
But I became mildly frustrated with my daughter because she wanted play and NOT let me read my blogs.

Impatience brewed and I actually snapped at my daughter. I think I snapped at her as she was running around screaming (why do little girls have to scream all the time?)

My daughter wasn’t phased, but it hit me like a 5 gallon pale to the face. My desires turned me into a self-concerned grouchy man (Scrooge before the 3 ghost experience)
who snapped at the 2nd most important person in his life.

In the past week, I turned those moments of waiting into moments of gratitude. Instead of reading emails or playing a mindless game (Bad Piggies, you know that’s right), I engage with those around me.

Today, I waited for my wife to pick up some pop from Meijer (woo woo! Love me some Meijer), I hesitated in the car. I was about to read a blog, but I turned around and played with my daughter.
I told her, “I love you Izzie. I get distracted easily. I’m sorry that I am selfish and have self-inflicted ADD. I think you’re an amazing  little girl with so much talent.
You are going to change the world in a big way.”

She replied, “Tee mees” which roughly translates “TV please”. She’s two years old and has an addiction to Dora the Explorer.

I invite you to spend time being outwardly grateful with me if you struggle with filling your moments of waiting with cell phones or music.

Rather than looking on your phone for entertainment, join those around you and celebrate life. Compliment your waiter on a fine job and say his name.
Tell your spouse today that you are proud of their accomplishments and ask how you can help him or her achieve their dreams.

Put down the phone, tablet, book, and engage with those around you.

One Day Left, What do you do?


One more day left = I’d do these things:
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How to Adore Your Spouse with Christa Sterken


Christa many things, always changing.  To the outside world she is a wife and mother, a home school teacher, a writer, a photographer.  She is deep and always observing, loving and loyal, a truth teller.  A friend to walk the journey with.

Ready… Set… Learn!

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