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Growing a Coaching Business – February 2017 Review

Two months of 2017 are finished! Time flies whether you’re amazingly productive or surprisingly unproductive.

January was a month of setting up 2017 for success. And February was a month of introspection. Sadly, I found myself lacking. I made this comment to my mastermind group: “I should be farther along than where I am today.”

My mastermind group agreed.

The main reason I haven’t progressed as a side hustle entrepreneur is my lack of commitment to ONE thing for an extended period. Over the last nearly 5 years of entrepreneurship (on the side), I switched my focused about every 8 months on average.

Significant Accomplishment: Choosing a niche

Momentum is created only after diligent action.

That’s why I committed my next 18 months to ONE project: Project White Coat Freedom (unspecific tentative title).

My goal is to help pharmacists create inspiring lives and careers. I will accomplish this goal by speaking, writing, coaching, and creating courses.

I will share more developments below and over time.

Current Clients: 5

I gained a new client and finished two contracts in February.

My process to grow my coaching practice is simple: coach, coach, and coach.

I aim to coach one person per week (who isn’t a client) and provide them with an excellent experience. Whether or not they choose me as their coach isn’t my decision. I know that many will say no to my service, but I eventually find the right client who is ready to rock.

Mastermind: Wake up and Hustle

This continues to be a value-add service for my coaching clients. I added 2 people into the group who are not my coaching clients. Why, you may ask?

Building a business on the side isn’t about making money fast. The most important step you can make in growing your business is growing relationships. I don’t grow relationships because I want money. I offered value to these 2 people who joined my mastermind because I know it will help them and they will help me in the future.

Side Hustle Course for Pharmacists

Five students signed up for $50. My goal is max of ten students.

I made the price so low because I want people to sign up fast. Make it a “hell yea” as it were. I’m after people who want quick wins because I’ll use their testimonies for the next round of sales.

Action Journal + Feedback

Initial feedback is coming in from Action Journal users. The feedback I’ve received thus far is: we need a weekly page to guide us throughout the week.

Podcast Cruise

Loads of fun. Jared Easley and Dan Franks did a great job hosting this small and intimate experience. A cruise conference is my favorite type of conference thus far.

Add 2 Testimonials – finished

You can see Karan and Daniel’s testimonials.

Invest “more” with lending Club

I signed up for $100/month deposit a few weeks ago. Time to get serious this year with investing. You can see my portfolio performance over 2016 here.


Coach 4 people “for free”

This is a simple coaching process to grow my business. I know that about 50% of the people I coach will say “yes” to my coaching program (based on my track record). However, I don’t coach simply to make money.

I coach because I love coaching. I love helping people get closer to their goals

Gain 2 Client

Coaching 4 people should yield 2 clients based on my performance.

I love having a full practice. A full practice means cash flow and I’m more productive.

Launch the “Side Hustle Fast Track for Pharmacists” Course

I love teaching, and I love creating courses. This time (after creating 5 courses online), I’m doing things right. I presented at 2 webinars and closed 6 spots for the beta course. My goal is 10 people.

Launch new pharmacy website

I committed the next 18 months to helping pharmacist love their work (outside or inside the profession). I thought about using this website to host this, however I decided to go for a new website to build brand and authority quickly (also for SEO purposes).

Create funnel for Pharmacy Career Course at RXVIP

I joined as a partner with RXVIP. You probably never heard of this company. What they aim to do is to revolutionize the way pharmacy is practiced in your doctor’s office. Yes, a pharmacist will be your home clinic.

Our first initiative is to create courses on how any pharmacist can do this.

Growing a Coaching Business – January Review

The unexamined life is not worth living.

Have you woke up in the middle of the night and wondered, “What am I doing with my life?”

I have those moments time to time. What keeps me sane is to keep a mental review of where I’ve been and where I’m going.

What follows is a review of my progress growing my coaching business. I hope it helps anyone aspiring to start and grow a coaching business.


Current Clients: 6 coaching clients

I should have 7. But, one coaching client signed our contract, but a day before our first official coaching session he bailed. He said that he had other priorities that would take him away from our coaching sessions. He didn’t want to commit to our program without being focused on our tasks.

I understand his excuse, but what I said to his dilemma is that coaching would help him no matter what challenge he faced. He hired me to help launch a course for his audience, which would have been loads of fun, but he had a product development issue in his business.

You see, coaching can help you no matter the situation. Michael Gerber in his book the E-Myth, shares a story of man visiting a street lamp post every night. The man shares what happened that day, what his goals were, and what he accomplished. Gerber states that any man would benefit by doing so, because he would reflect on his actions and have a better understanding of where to go.

In the same way, a coach can help anyone set better goals, attain them faster, keep you accountable, hold you to your life’s vision, etc.

Mastermind: Wake Up and Hustle

I started a new mastermind group called Wake Up and Hustle, specifically for my coaching clients. My group couldn’t love it more!

We start on Monday’s at 5 AM central. We spend an hour planning out our week based on our month’s goals and vision.

Our second weekly meeting is on Fridays, where two people step into the hot seat. Each member shares a challenge to overcome, and the group provides feedback.

Side Hustle Course for Pharmacists

To my surprise, pharmacists are very interested in information about starting a side-business.

What started as an experiment, blew up into something bigger.

I posted in two groups on LinkedIn if there were pharmacists interested in starting a side-business. Two weeks after posting, I’ve had over 250 people say they are interested in a course.

Action Journal Alpha Version Published

If you haven’t heard, I published a journal. It’s similar to the Five-Minute Journal or the Self-Journal. However, it asks completely different questions that help you make today great and make journaling a habit.

I struggled with other journals because they didn’t help me overcome my obstacles. I created this journal after testing hundreds of questions and choosing the best ones that motivated me to accomplish as much as possible.

These journals are the alpha version, so I want feedback more than money for the product. My hope is that this will make for a great gift for clients and friends.

February Goals and Events

Podcast Cruise!

This month I’ll be on the Podcast Cruise, speaking, and meeting with great people.

I can’t wait because my talk for the cruise will become my keynote talk for future talks to come!

Provide 2 complimentary coaching calls

I provide a one-hour complimentary coaching call to anyone who fits my perfect coaching client criteria (which has taken years to develop!). The best way for someone to understand if they’d love to work with me is by experiencing coaching!

Add 2 Testimonials to Website

I have over 50 success stories in my arsenal, but I just don’t have them on my website! I must spend time with my current and past clients to record how I helped them.

Create Webinars for Side Hustle Course

I aim to launch a course on March 1st, but the way to find students who will succeed will be webinars. I aim to host 3-4 free webinars on how to start businesses on the side.

Invest more with Lending Club

I love “playing” with money. Investments are fun for me and I shared my beginning results with Lending Club how I made a whopping $56 from my $850 investment.

Create Survey for Action Journal Feedback

I sent out alpha versions and need feedback. The best way to gather feedback I found is using Google Forms and gathering collective data.