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Success is in the Eye of the Beholder

Connie Pheiff is our Success Secret provider this week. Connie is the CEO for the United Way. She coaches professional executives. Check out her site here.




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How I Paid Off $11,500 Debt in 7 Months on $40K

Our journey began with an argument.

Almost two years ago, our church in Grand Rapids, Michigan opened a Financial Peace University (FPU). FPU is a course on how to be free from debt.

My wife (Megan) really wanted to go. I did not.

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5 Ways to Quickly Learn Podcast Content

There are too many podcasts. It’s impossible to listen to them all. Here are some tips I have learned on how to quickly learn from podcasts.

1) Play at double speed

I didn’t do this for 8 months. Now I listen to almost every podcast at twice the speed, which means I get the same amount of material in half the time.

2) Ditch the podcast if you don’t like it after listening 3 times

Stop subscribing if you’ve listened to 3 recordings from the same podcast and still don’t like it. Accumulation of podcasts is a waste of space.
Plus, I feel guilty when I see a podcast that hasn’t been listened to in a while. Don’t live with guilt. Remove it.

3) Only choose podcasts that make the biggest difference

There are thousands of podcasts. Don’t become a content junkie and never take action.

Only keep the podcasts that continually bring you whatever it is you value.

For example, I listen to The Audacity to Podcast with Daniel J. Lewis because he delivers high quality content in every podcast, without any fluff.

4) Take 3-5 minutes to reflect

Listening to a podcast and immediately moving on to the next thing means you’re wasting time.

Pause to reflect on what you just learn and how you can implement one or two wisdom tidbits. Otherwise, the wisdom can leave you quickly.

Take 5 minutes to review what was covered in the podcast. Take notes so you can return to your thoughts later. Write an action plan.

5) Listen when your mind is engaged

I listen when I run or when I’m driving. That’s when my mind is open. Once I’m finished, I reflect on a few points of wisdom.

I tried listening once in the late evening. I found that my mind wandered. I didn’t learn anything.

How do you master the art of podcast listening?

Discovering Your WHY to Create Success

aj_jump_profile_tallAlan Jackson is our Success Secret provider this week. Adam is the Action Evangelist and leader of Six Month Jump. He helps people achieve their goals in Six Months.





I’m an advocate for utilizing the Power of WHY to achieve success. Understanding your personal “why” isn’t achieved overnight. However, the process can be accelerated by implementing a three-phase approach.

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11 Leadership Principles for Business from the US Marines

Welcome to an excerpt from One Bold Move, a blog created by Frank Gustafsonwritten to encourage you towards becoming an entrepreneur & making that OneBoldMove to make it happen.

leadershipLeadership is critical to any business and if you have, or hope to one day have a team…  these 11 principles borrowed from the US Marines will serve you well. These principles are instilled in every Marine officer and they are put to use everyday by Marines in the field and by Marines in business.  I trust that they will help in your organization too.
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How to Start a Mastermind Group

“Surround yourself with people who are going to lift you higher. Life is already filled with those who want to bring you down” -Unknown

I’ve been talking a lot lately about my mastermind group. Not just on my blog, but in my life too. Some of my co-workers think my groups are crazy. Others ask me how I started them.

So here’s a step by step guide on how to create your Mastermind Group.

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Learning to Lead

Travis Scott spent the better half of a decade doing what society taught – go to college, get a job, and work in that career for the rest of your life.  After realizing he wanted more, Travis changed careers and changed his life.  Now, he loves what he does, and at his website,  He is an aspiring speaker, coach, and blogger.




It’s no secret many people strive for success in their lives.  Whether you want to be a great parent, successful in your career, or an awesome spouse, there is one common denominator that will help you achieve that success: Leadership.

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Plan for Success

photo-3Brad McCullouch is our Success Secret provider this week. He is an attorney, 48 Days to the Work you Love group facilitator, former college professor. Check out his site here.




Volumes upon volumes of trade journals, industry periodicals, and texts of varying size and seriousness have attempted to discover the secret to success in business since the word “business” found its way into the modern dictionary.  Having studied business, taught business related course work, and worked on his business, this writer can give you his “secrets” to leading a successful business.

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One Day Left, What do you do?


One more day left = I’d do these things:
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Wisdom Meets Passion : The Dojo Review

wisdommeetspassionWisdom Meets Passion by Dan Miller and Jared Angaza is a enthusiastic read for the young and experienced leader. It contains inspiring stories from their family life to kick your butt into high gear with chutzpah.

I know that this book is almost a year old, but it deserves more press. It is an excellent read.

The focus of this book is how to bring your life from small to big.

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