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The Value of a “Thank You”

“Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.” -Voltaire

A simple “Thank you” is great. A “Thank you” and detailed explanation is awesome. A Thank You Note is the sign of a leader.

Thank you notes are items I carry for years, if they’re heart felt. I still have a note from a college student who I “career coached” (if you could call it that). What she said was so great that it made my heart leap.

Honestly, when I’m down, depressed about my job or whatever’s bothering me, I open some thank you’s. They turn me into a productive machine. They remind me that I provide value to others. They remind me of who I really am, an achiever.

Appreciation creates passion
Have you meet a successful artist with the scowl of a telemarketer? Have you sat down with a

These people are appreciated. When you receive a heart-felt thank you, what do you feel? Excited, valued, loved, like a rock star? I feel passionate. I feel like this is what I was meant to do.

A “Thank You” can change your career
My friend Russell had an internship with a hospital for a few months. He worked hard because he knew there would be an open position available after his graduation. Yet, during his entire successful internship, no one suggested he apply for the position.

He worked even harder to impress. But still no one recommendation.

Near the end of the rotation, I suggested he write a Thank You note to everyone who helped him or that he knew. He wrote 83 notes! He hand-delivering each note. Two days after which, the manager asked to see him and offer him the position!

How to Make Appreciation Apart of Your Daily Routine
It’s quite simple. Plan to appreciate.

Every day, I find something new to compliment my wife and daughter on. I don’t do this because it’s natural. I do this because I’m intentionally building a habit. Plus, my wife loves it. Izzie is too young to understand just yet 🙂

I aim to compliment or show appreciate for 3 people daily at work.

Compliment in Front of Others
This takes appreciation to a whole new level. Being complimented in front of a group is like my high. Receiving claps after a lecture rocks my world.

Next time you compliment, make sure the person is in front of her peers. Deliver it with gusto.

This is how a culture of appreciation is born.

The Dangers of Building the Appreciate Habit
Unless you are sincere, people will see right through you. And you’ll be worse off than when you started.

Don’t you dare give a compliment unless you absolutely mean it.

Make it simple with an explanation.

“Hey Dorothy, thank you for participating in the meeting today. I really appreciate when members contribute to the discussion because I’m not an expert and I need your creative ideas!”

How do you deliver appreciation? What can you start today towards appreciating others? 

Money is a part-time motivator and a full-time distraction. He reminds me everyday that he is number one priority. He reminds me of his benefits, how he promises to expand my ideas and bring even more success. He reminds me that he is the bottom line.

I listened to Gary Vander Chuk today and he spoke about the value you add equals how much money you should be paid. My commute was silent this morning as I thought, “How can I provide amazing value?”

The Power of thinking ahead

I hate flies. So stinking much.

My wife recently bought a electric fly swatter. I was skeptical first, but it’s my new passion to fry the little suckers. (When you hit a bug, there’s a loud *ZAP* and the bug can catch fire 😀

I fried one today. I opened the back door to throw out the fly. As I returned another flew into my house.

Stop. if only for a moment. breath in, out and think

Is there a possibility of this happening again?

Give More Than Expected

Jeff Goins recently challenged me (not personally) to write down my worldview.

Believe in a worldview

How to Give More Than Expected

Determine the goal

Create ways to Impress

You may be over-delivering because it’s not your passion


What is your worldview? How do you deliver more than expected?

Confessions of an Adult : I Can’t Change You

Video blog: Recording on phone

Premise: My confession to Megan. I’ve been trying to change her but haven’t been successful.

Wisdom Meets Passion: pg 14 and 15
God isn’t going to ask why weren’t you more like Mother Teresa? or Martin Luther King Jr.? He may ask, why were you more like you? 62

Question: How do you try to change people? How successful are you? How do you fight the urge to change others? (looking for suggestions)

Our Path to Greatness is Paved with Others

“You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.” -Zig Ziglar

The Eagle and Child is a famous pub in England that held the meetings of the Inklings.
Who were the Inklings?
Just some of the greatest literary minds that the city of Oxford had to offer. C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Charles Williams, and Owen Barfield meet on Thursday or Friday nights to discuss their writings.

This wasn’t your typical bar night. The Inklings meet weekly to critic one another’s work during the meeting. Lewis said this group enjoyed “the cut and parry of prolonged, fierce, masculine argument.” He later said the criticism of the group was a reason for the success of The Chronicles of Narnia.

“We meet…theoretically to talk about literature, but in fact nearly always to talk about something better. What I owe to them all is incalculable.”

Without the Inklings, the world may never have known The Hobbit, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Lord of the Rings, Screwtape Letters…

The Inklings is a type of a mastermind. Napoleon Hill, who coined the term in The Law of Success, defines a mastermind as “a mind that is developed through the harmonious co-operation of two or more people who ally themselves for the purpose of accomplishing any given task.”

The Inklings met with the joint purpose of improving each other’s writings.
They accomplished their goals. All members went on to publish books. Lewis and Tolkien’s legacy left behind an impact not only on England, but all over the world.

Pave your path to a legacy with others. Create your own mastermind to achieve your dreams.

1) It’s difficult to think outside your box
2) You need your own fan club to begin your legacy
3) You need someone to tell you the truth
4) Accountability increases the odds of achieving goals
5) Give more than expected and the return will pay itself over many times

What is a mastermind?
Like Lewis and Tolkien’s group, a mastermind is a regular meeting for one soul purpose : the enhancement of each member’s life. You and like-minded individuals meet to discuss each other’s work, family, exercise routine, challenges, and everything else.

Benefits of journeying together
1) Surround yourself with individuals you believe in your dream
Drew recently invited me to his mastermind and I am honored. Why? Because I know his group has members who have big dreams, and now I get to help those dreams come alive.

2) Boost in happiness, income, and health
Here are some profit benefits members have experienced after starting my first mastermind

  • Started a membership site
  • Created a new service for an online business
  • Developed new ideas for marketing
  • One member receives $187/month by starting a new mastermind

Money is great. However, the benefits of new relationships are incalculable. Our Monday night meeting is an event I can’t wait for!

3) Provides accountability
Each member sets goals each week. One goal I had was to contact 2 leaders every day for an interview on my podcast, The Leadership Dojo.
I doubt I would accomplish that goal without my mastermind.

4) New passion is found
Two members of my first mastermind group transformed. They had a dream but didn’t know how to accomplish it before our group started. Now, they are men of action. I am privileged to be a part of their journey.

How do you start a group of greatness?
Do what you’re doing now. Read inspiring blogs and follow leaders. Join their community and be active in the conversation. And finally,


I asked each member of my first mastermind to join. I received many No’s. I didn’t let it stop me. After asking 20 individuals and interviewing many, I found the group of seven I was looking for.

One recent goal from my mastermind is to create an ebook on how to create your own mastermind in 30 days. Check out my website if you’re interested. It will be up very soon

How have others contributed to your path? Do you want to start a mastermind and why? Masterminders, what benefits have you seen with your group?


Why I’m not Bloggin for Money

Honesty is the Best Policy. But best policies are rarely followed.

For example, take hospital hand washing. You’d think that doctors, nurses, hospital staff (and yes, pharmacists too 😉 ) know to wash their hands every time they enter a room or after seeing a patient.

You think wrong!

Now that I’ve possibly scared my OCD readers, I want to move to a candid conversation.

I’m not blogging to be famous. I’m not blogging for attention. I’m not blogging for money.

My first post explains my “why.” In short, my motivation for this is to start my dreams, start a podcast, and become an online entrepreneur.

Billionaire Donald Trump said:

Money was never a big motivation for me, except as a way to keep score. The real excitement is playing the game.

I want to play this game. I believe that money is a sign of appreciation and value. No one just gives a hundred dollar bill away, not without a specific purpose. I give my internet provider every month $25 because I value the opportunities on the interweb. Because I value these opportunities, I’m willing to give $25 of my hard earned cash to the provider.

You can play this idea for just about every transaction.

However, I will become an affiliate for programs that I enjoy. Why? Because I believe in what I recommend. To be compensated for my recommendation is a compliment that I won’t turn down.

That said, I want this to be clear, I’m not after your money. I’m after your dreams…wait (that’s creepy)… My goal is for you to take action and master life.

I will try to state whether a link is an affiliate link.

I’m not a salesman. I tried once, and failed miserably.

3 Reasons why Positive People are Healthier

“Marriage is hard work, but always rewarding.”
As I think back when my grandmother told me this statement, I didn’t fully understand until my second week of marriage. My blushing bride and I were married in early January, one week honeymoon, and returned to what would be our hardest semester.

We were slapped by reality and household responsibilities that weren’t established quickly became areas of blame.

I despise dirty dishes, with all of my heart I do. In our second week together I would hint at my wife that the sink was full. Translation: You do the dishes.

I’d complain and whine, and can you guess what happened? The dishes would still pile up!

One day I read “Be lavish in praise”.

This changed on my perspective on life. It’s one of my defining moments.

I’m naturally a negative person (Nature or nurture…who knows?). When I discovered the simple idea of being positive instead of negative in all interactions, it changed who I was.

I complimented my wife when she cleaned them. It gave her the extra moral boost to wash the dishes.
And eventually (not long, because I couldn’t get away without washing dishes) my positivity enable me to clean the dishes myself! I overcame my hatred of dishes!

My wife appreciates the benefits of this positivity. Not only does it bring less stress and drama in my life, but it also enables me to take on other challenges that I thought impossible, like running daily.

Changing from positive to negative attitude in your life can lead you to a longer and healthier life!

1) Being positive can increase your life span

The prestigious Mayo Clinic performed a study to observe how being optimistic vs. pessimistic might affect a patient’s life span. They found that those who were classified as pessimistic had a 19% increase risk of death.

A morbid study looked at behavioral differences optimists and pessimists in patients with different stages of lung cancer. “Patients who exhibited a [non-pessimistism] behavior survived approximately 6 months longer than patients classified as [pessimists].”

2) An optimist has more friends

Think of one of your acquaintances, maybe at work, in your family or neighborhood, who is a true pessimist.
Are they surrounded by friends and full of joy?

Most likely not.
Would you want to be with someone who always focuses on the negative? Always nit-picking?
They suck the joy out of life!

A very interesting trial in France wanted to know if having more “social network connections” (AKA friends) would extend a person’s life.
The results are shocking.

Men with a low amount of friends were 2.7 times more likely to die than those with many friends.
Women without many friends were 1.56 times more likely to die than those with many friends.

3) Being positive makes others positive

I worked at a fast food restaurant as a teenager. I dreaded every day of work. My superior yelled at us when we were too slow making food. She never complimented us. She ordered us around like we were her slaves.

One day, a college student started her summer job with us. She changed everything at our store. She was positive in the face of negativity. She encouraged others to work quickly. She complimented us when we performed well.

I noticed that I enjoyed work! I stopped complaining about work to my parents. I asked a friend to apply and he worked with us. I started to open up at work and joke around…as if I was having fun!

When I arrived and discovered she wasn’t there, my heart sank, and time began to slow down.

Turning negative people into positive people creates a healthy environment.

Being positive anywhere makes a difference.

What are some ways you are positive at home/work?