Daniel – $41K Boost

Daniel overcame fear of failure and launched a marketing consultancy generating $41,000 in annual income

  • About Daniel: Daniel Wainwright is a man on fire! He supports local small businesses with his advertising agency, specifically with billboards and some online marketing services. He had been trying for years to figure out how to become a consultant, but nothing was clicking for him. He has no idea where to start.
  • How Daniel worked with Alex's Jumpstart Coaching Program: He embraced a support structure to accomplish his goals. Daniel and Alex meet on a weekly basis in the morning and worked through Daniel's roadblock to launching his new business. He started the program with thinking he needed to start a completely new business, but after the first month, Alex lead him to realize how easy he could launch his new "side" business.
  • RESULTS: 3 months of hustling with Alex lead to more than 10 new clients, bringing in over $40,000 of additional annual revenue. More importantly, this extra income gave him the freedom to travel back to his home country of England with family, which he had not visited in over 3 years.

Daniel Wainwright
Founder of Obvious Advertising

  • Biggest Surprise: Daniel shares, "You'd think the extra money would be the thing most people would be thrilled about, but I'm more excited about the positive mental changes. I faced my own negativity for years. I would tell myself things like, 'No one will buy from you,' or 'You don't have enough credibility.' With Alex's coaching, I found myself telling myself a different story. I'm hopeful for the first about my business!" 

July 2017 LinkedIn Update: