Discovering Your WHY to Create Success

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I’m an advocate for utilizing the Power of WHY to achieve success. Understanding your personal “why” isn’t achieved overnight. However, the process can be accelerated by implementing a three-phase approach.


• Who are you benefiting?

• How you identify and complete tasks.

• You need to take ownership of your life.


In defining who we are benefiting, it’s critical to notice whether our actions are self-serving or whether they have matured to a greater level of selflessness. Business owners with an “I – Me – Mine” mindset are doomed for failure. The internet provides an easy platform for selling snake oil. By that I mean unscrupulous marketers who promise the moon but soon disappear – or worse – point the blame back at purchasers when their own promises fail to materialize. Even honest hard working people fall into the trap of “What’s in it for me?” If either side of an exchange feels cheated, everybody loses. Strive for balance, or, as some people like to call it, a win-win situation.

The how portion is by far the most crowed arena in the self-improvement industry. Unfortunately there is no single cookie-cutter approach that is truly effective. The specifics are greatly impacted by our personal wiring-type or style. There are many excellent personality profile tools available. One of my favorites is the DISC assessment. Understanding our tendency to generally react with certain tactics has many benefits. In addition to identifying strengths and weaknesses, it also suggests why we connect better with certain people. Building a business relationship is easier when those involved share similar philosophies.

Finally, understanding that you must be in charge of your life is a huge step forward for many people. Too many of us abdicate that responsibility and wonder why we’re unhappy. Have you ever said, “If only I had ______, then my life would be better”? If so, in that situation at least, you have given away your authority  Seeking input and wisdom from others is not the same as surrendering control. By all means, build a team, assemble a pit crew, participate in a mastermind group – but always retain full ownership of your life for yourself.

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Charles Hutchinson says September 18, 2013

Excellent thoughts. The “you” part of this really hit a spot with me. Not dwelling on past mistakes or trying to place the blame someplace, else is just wasting time. Better to just own it, put it behind you and move on.

Dave Arnold says September 27, 2013

Good stuff Alex!

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