Happen to Your Career with Scott Anthony Barlow : DOJO 034

In this episode, I interview Scott Anthony Barlow of Happen To Your Career. I was so pumped to have Scott on the show because we have been friends for a while now and I love the growth that I have seen in him.

What would you tell your younger self?

You need to have more patience. I was so focused on the next step without knowing WHY

What do you think the Scott of 10 years from now wants to tell you?

Don’t lose focus on why

Other questions Scott and I address:

  • What steps should someone do to happen to his/her career
  • How to build expectations for your job
  • How to help your boss help you
  • How to transition into your DREAM career

Item’s Mentioned

  • Get a Raise Guide – Scott Anthony Barlow

  • Crack the Code – Farnoosh Brock

  • Happen To Your Career – One Stop


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