• About Karan: Karan has a business background and works full-time in the oil and gas industry in Canada. After being overweight for 20 years and getting in shape through diet, exercise and lifestyle changes, Karan decided to turn his personal commitment to and passion for health and fitness into an online fitness business. His goal is to provide sound advice to other people who are experiencing similar weight loss and health challenges.
  • How He Used Alex’s Side Hustle Coaching Services: After working with Alex, Karan began to move away from his focus on revenue generation and sales by understanding the importance of finding the right clients and pricing his services according to their true value. Alex helped Karan to determine the proper pricing model and value of his services and helped him understand that success was about more than just money; it was also about the impact you have on a client’s life.
  • RESULTS: Karan was able to focus on building relationships with potential clients and set long term goals for his business—and he gained the confidence to turn down clients who were not a good fit for his services. After understanding the true value of the services he was providing, he went from three clients to five clients and increased his revenue from $300 per month to $2,000 per month.
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Karan Nijhawan
Founder of Fit Opportunity


When Karan first started his business, he was afraid that his potential clients wouldn’t be willing to pay for his services. So, he sold them too cheaply.

“I was afraid that people would not see me as an expert and would not believe that I could provide value.”

He started out charging just $30 per month for a gym-membership type of service, which wasn’t generating the revenue he was expecting.

After he established the proper price and structure for his services, he realized that he wanted to help people that were truly a good fit for his program.

How he delivered the right message to the right clients

 Before Karan started working with Alex, he treated everyone as a potential customer. But what he didn’t realize was that his message was getting lost.

“By speaking to everyone, I was actually speaking to no one.”

Hear Karan’s dramatic shift in mindset as he realized that he could target his services to a specific type of client and choose who he wanted to work with.

By working with Alex, he discovered where to find his ideal customers, how to speak to them, how to get them interested in his services and how to determine if they were a good fit.

No Pressure, no gimmicks 

Before working with Alex, Karan tried it all. He had been burned financially by online marketing gurus who promised the world. Not only did these one-size-fits-all programs not deliver results, but they didn’t match Karan’s values.

When Karan met Alex, he knew something was different. Not only is Alex committed to finding the right fit with his coaching clients, he delivers 100-percent unscripted advice and goes above and beyond to provide value and service.

“Alex was there for me, but wasn’t messaging me every week looking for a sale.”

Hear Karan discuss Alex’s relationship-based approach to coaching.

“From Day 1, Alex helped me to connect with my ‘why’!”

Alex’s program was specifically tailored to Karan’s needs and helped him to discover his reason for starting his business, or his “why.”

Starting by looking at his “why,” Alex helped Karan to set long-term goals for his business and focus on building the relationships that lead him to his ideal clients.

Hear Karan discuss the importance of finding his “why,”—his reason for being in business—and how it helped him to set goals for the future.

Karan is no longer thinking about money and sales

 Karan used to only think about only money and sales. Now, he is focused on finding the right customers and making the maximum impact in their lives.

He now understands that revenue is not the only metric to measure success and knows that not all potential customers will be a good fit.

Hear how Karan increased his revenue from $500 per month to $2,000 per month by focusing on quality, not quantity.

Delivering “value bombs” 

After each of his coaching sessions, Karan was so inspired with so many great ideas that he had trouble finding the time to implement them all!

“After each coaching session with Alex, I would leave with 10-15 ‘value bombs’ that were unbelievable.”

In addition to their weekly 60-90 minute calls, Alex went above-and-beyond by offering 10-30 minute “laser calls” throughout the week to check in on Karan’s progress.

Hear Karan discuss the value that Alex provided during their coaching sessions.

Stepping Outside his comfort zone

Although Karan was initially nervous about coaching, he would recommend Alex’s services to anyone who is hoping to start or grow a side hustle business.

“After only two months of working together, Alex helped me to see the world in a completely different way. It took some hard work, but Alex was focused on relationship building and providing tactical, action-focused guidance.”

Hear Karan give his “10 Second Pitch” for Alex’s coaching services.

If you are ready to start or grow your side hustle business and achieve amazing results, contact Alex for a free consultation.