Leaders Need the Right Friends


Could you imagine being an Avenger? If you’re like me and love to imagine, just think of the adventures you would have.
OK, if you’re not and this is getting too silly for you, let’s move on.

For outsiders, The Avengers is a team of superheroes, when brought together are more powerful than when alone. Their teamwork brings synergy to their outcomes. Each member brings the others higher.

Who is a part of your inner circle?

Check out this 3 minute video from my unofficial mentor, Andy Andrews

Or check out the blog post here

Do your friends

bring you down?
keep you where you are?
or hold you to a higher standard?

How do you know if you have a friend who brings you down?

Ask yourself these simple questions of a friend.
Does hanging out with X make me want to pursue my dreams?
Does X encourage me when I fail or feel like a failure?
Would my life be better, worse or the same without X?

If you answered “No” to some of these questions, Do Not Pass Go.

Should you end the friendship?

No. You never know how a person could change.

But, you can spend less time with that person. That may be a hard conversation.

A rising tide lifts all ships

I hear this phrase more and more these days. I’ve found that it’s true.

I recently started the Dojo Launch Team. It’s a private group of leaders with one purpose : to lead a successful life in all life arenas.

Many of the members are my new virtual friends. I’ve grown very fond of them. That’s because they have made my life better.
They encourage me. They give me exciting new ideas. They drive me to create something amazing.

When you surround yourself with high achievers, you rise with them.

How can you attract high achievers?

Join leader and entrepreneur groups on Facebook or LinkedIn. Check out Dan Miller’s 48 Days community, which is full of dream-achievers. Find someone you admire and ask them out for coffee, a Skype conversation, or email. Don’t ask for anything but their time.

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