Running a Coaching Business – March Review

Finished is better than perfect.

Attempting to write about business while building a business is difficult. Often, building the business takes priority over this blog. However, there is power from reflection.

Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action.
– Peter Drucker


Current Clients: 5

No growth there, despite my goal to provide 4 complimentary coaching sessions this month. About 2 weeks into March, I had two people say β€œyes” to my coaching, however both backed out right before signing the coaching agreement. One said no due to emergent family issues (the coachee had to cover family care while her spouse had to work more), the other client received an offer to his dream job!

Side Hustle Fast Track For Pharmacists

My goal was 10 students, and we ended with 12 total. The first and second modules are completed, and our course produced our first success story!

A few more students found success within the weeks following. More on that later.

Complimentary Coaching : 5

My goal was four this month, but I was able to provide 5 sessions this month. The more the better.

Gain 2 clients: Failed


Launch Side Hustle Fast Track For Pharmacists

I launched a beta group for this course last month and over-achieved my goal of 10 students and received 12.

This month I will host the course on Teachable and hope to promote a webinar

Provide 1 Complimentary Coaching Session per week

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