Photo by wjklos

Photo by wjklos

I was thrilled when my daughter began her first steps. She was a slow starter. She was a year old once she mastered the walking routine.

When you talk to other parents it’s easy to become judgmental. We heard others ask, “She should be walking now, right?” The words “should” and “right” hinted a sense of judgment.

I tried to let the comments roll off my shoulders. But, I’ll be honest; trying not to compare your daughter to other kids is difficult.

All parents want their kids to be successful, whether it’s graduation or just taking their first step.

I was at a baseball game for 6 and 7 year old children. Let me just say that if you have never been to one, they can either be very fun to watch, or very sad.

I love to watch little kids play, but sometimes parents can ruin all the fun. Certain parents think that their child could be the next Sammy Sosa. A 7 year old can strike out and immediately the parents are on their feet screaming, as if they learned Chuck Norris is a vegetarian.

Sammy Sosa didn’t become a pro at 7, and my daughter won’t start running after her first step. You can’t achieve any dreams without small steps toward a goal.

A goal is simple to create, but so many fail to follow through.

What is your small step today towards your goal? What’s holding you back from your next step? What must be possible for you to go to the next level? 

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About the Author Alex

Jon D Harrison says July 1, 2013

Alex – you share a really important idea here: we all are terrible before we’re great. We all are also on our own timelines, growing at our own unique speed!

    Alex Barker says July 1, 2013

    Fear is trying to crush me, but I’m punching it in the face!

Travis Scott says July 2, 2013

Typically the only thing that stops us from going to the next level is what’s between our two ears. Success is just hurdling one obstacle after another.

    Alex Barker says July 2, 2013

    Amen Travis. I hurdled fears and obstacles this afternoon with my podcast. Looking forward to our Mastermind meeting tonight!

Dan Black says July 2, 2013

Great post! I’ve learned taking small daily steps is essential to accomplishing anything significant.

    Alex Barker says July 2, 2013

    Any significant accomplishments you’d like to share? 😉

      Dan Black says July 3, 2013

      I have the first draft done on a book I want to release later this year. It still has a lot of work.

        Alex Barker says July 3, 2013

        Need some help? I’ll gladly review/edit it for you. FYI, I’m a big picture guy, I don’t sweat the details, if you didn’t notice from my writing style.
        Let me know how I can help!

          Dan Black says July 3, 2013

          I might in the future. I’m letting the book rest a little (1-2 weeks) before picking it up and working on it again. Thanks man.

Brian Knight says July 3, 2013

Excellent post! Overcoming your fear of failure is often the first step towards success. I am working through a lot of these fears in my own life and business. I have found that educating one self and networking with other like minded individuals helps you punch fear in the face. The worst that can happen is you fail forward.

    Jon D Harrison says July 6, 2013

    I love the “fail forward ” appraoch

    Alex Barker says July 18, 2013

    Brian, I’m so pumped to see where you’re going. Our mastermind is super powerful and watching you launch soon is going to ignite us all.

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