Stop chasing experts with the “proven path to make money”

I want to share with you a trend that drives me mad: internet marketers that provide “the proven path to make money online.”
Before I dive into this, let me share a hypothetic situation with you.

Today marks the first day of your flight school. You are glowing with joy and excitement as you embark on completing a life goal. You wished to fly airplanes for years, and now you finally have the chance to learn.

But, there’s a dilemma: you must choose your teacher today.
This teacher will influence your skill and survival as you (hopefully) soar the skies.

How do you know which teacher is the best? Let’s look at their history.

Teacher 1:
35-year-old man
Learned how to fly ten months ago
Excited and likable
29 flight experience
Cost: $100

Teacher 2
44-year-old woman
Learned how to fly ten years ago
Reserved and calm
400 flight experience
Cost: $1000

You’ll notice as you reviewed the criteria; you probably didn’t care about their age, personality, or even if they are good at teaching.
You want to know their experience + cost. And more likely, you choose Teacher 2 based upon experience.
There’s a significant difference in knowledge between the two teachers. The second experienced more failures and successes than the first teacher.
You choose the second because your livelihood is at stake.
Your money is on the line. You don’t want to waste it on some newbie teacher that may get you killed.

Luckily, flight instructors are not selected this way. However, choosing a teacher is more difficult in the online world of entrepreneurship.
New online marketers easily convince aspiring entrepreneurs that their methods are the best way to make money online.

Prime example: podcast coaching. In the last three years, I observed more podcasters (with one podcast experience) become podcast coaches. They may launch a course or offer podcast services just because they have a little bit of experience.

Pointing this out isn’t a negative judgment against new online entrepreneurs. I’m on their side! I’m glad to see entrepreneurs taking action.

This post is a wake-up call for everyone else: know the experience of anyone before you pay.
You pay for experience.

Don’t expect a 30-year-old who has experienced some success after 1-2 years to provide you “the proven path to success online.”

Reach out to successful students to find out the value of any entrepreneur. Don’t believe a one-page sales letter from an expert with “7-figure monthly income”.

Do your research before you invest any money.

Please, don’t be fooled.

About the Author Alex