Success is in the Eye of the Beholder

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As a business coach working with entrepreneurial clients, one of the first things I ask is, “what does success look like to you?” Ten times out of ten, “make a lot of money” surfaces in the top three attributes.  Of course, as business owners, we want to generate revenue to sustain the business and ourselves.  But my definition of success is much broader than simply being in the black.  Success is about happiness, accomplishing goals, pursuing passions.

What do you want to pursue to achieve your success?  It’s a difficult and thought provoking question, one that should not be taken lightly.  If you dig down really deep, it’s not just about the money.  You could work for someone else and possibly make more money with less responsibility.

Have you gotten stuck looking for success?  Here are a few ways to get UNstuck:

  1. Find Your Passion.  Our careers take a lot of time to develop and nurture. Be sure what you are about to embark on is something that you love.
  2. Find Inspiration.  Make a list of people that you aspire to emulate.  Get informed on how they got to where they are and learn from their journey.
  3. Make a Plan.  Clearly outline your objectives and your strategic road map.  Have a mission and stick to it.
  4. Get Started.  Don’t take too long sorting out step 3.  Get started fulfilling your dream, even if you haven’t completely flushed out how to make money.
  5. Surround Yourself with Positive People.  Running a business is difficult enough.  Negative input is exhausting; positive input is infectious.
  6. Accept Failure as Part of the Process.   Learn from your mistakes.  Without risk, there would be no innovation.
  7. Get a Mentor or a Business Coach.  Mentors/Business Coaches provide tough-love, clarity, fresh perspectives, focus and accountability.

Follow your passion and unlock your potential.  Success will follow.

Care to share your inspiration? Who inspires you?

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Brian Knight says October 6, 2013

Great points! I think all of these are essential for your journey to success. I think number one and four are the most crucial. Success is really much bigger than how much money you have or the position you hold in your career or society. Looking forward to more.

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