The Reverse Testimonial

Could you imagine taking movie recommendations from a complete stranger?

Anytime I feel iffy about seeing the movie in the theaters, I’ll reach out to my personal network for their recommendation. I trust my friends. Okay, I’ll admit it I trust my acquaintances on Facebook too.

Testimonies are a must for any coach. Potential clients want to know that you have helped other people succeed. Something interesting I noticed about testimonies on my website is that it is a one-way conversation. Most testimonies talk about how amazing the coach was and what the coached help with. You miss out on what the coach thinks about the client.

A reverse testimony is the coach’s opinion of how the client performed.

Here’s why I think all coaches should consider writing a reverse testimony.

1) New insights into your ideal client

When a contract ends with a client, one of the first things I set up with them is a time to record a testimonial. I have a list of questions for the client to answer over the phone. I began to see patterns emerging from my clients. After some reflection, I found common themes about the people I was coaching.

So I let my observations simmer for a while. Eventually, I asked myself this question, “What did I love about my clients?”

This created all sorts of new information about who I love to coach and why. It created this story about my ideal client that I hadn’t seen before. Whenever I’m talking with someone who’s interested in coaching I can see them at the beginning of my ideal client story, and I’m better able to connect with them or rule them out based on my ideal client criteria.

My ideal client characteristics began to form, and now I meticulously look for them in any prospect. By creating a reversed testimonial about how great a client is, you are able to discover qualities that you since research out in every prospect.

2) Gratitude is happiness

I experimented with the five-minute journal for six months and loved it because one of the questions is asked is “what are you grateful for today?” But focusing on the things that I am thankful for in my life I can change my mindset from scarcity to abundance.

Creating a reverse testimonial for your client shows them how much you meant to them. It demonstrates to them that if the relationship that you created isn’t all about money. I think coaches get a bad rap especially new coaches because they seem her act desperate to get new clients. And that scarcity mindset leads to actions that show and desperation for money.

3) A gracious word is more than a gift

The testimony is beautiful to receive. You feel validation, satisfaction, and fulfillment. Gratitude is not common, even if you feel like the gratitude message is everywhere online (which is how I felt). I show my genuine thankfulness via a video recording from my phone, people remember me and are thankful.

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