The Value of a “Thank You”

“Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.” -Voltaire

A simple “Thank you” is great. A “Thank you” and detailed explanation is awesome. A Thank You Note is the sign of a leader.

Thank you notes are items I carry for years, if they’re heart felt. I still have a note from a college student who I “career coached” (if you could call it that). What she said was so great that it made my heart leap.

Honestly, when I’m down, depressed about my job or whatever’s bothering me, I open some thank you’s. They turn me into a productive machine. They remind me that I provide value to others. They remind me of who I really am, an achiever.

Appreciation creates passion
Have you meet a successful artist with the scowl of a telemarketer? Have you sat down with a

These people are appreciated. When you receive a heart-felt thank you, what do you feel? Excited, valued, loved, like a rock star? I feel passionate. I feel like this is what I was meant to do.

A “Thank You” can change your career
My friend Russell had an internship with a hospital for a few months. He worked hard because he knew there would be an open position available after his graduation. Yet, during his entire successful internship, no one suggested he apply for the position.

He worked even harder to impress. But still no one recommendation.

Near the end of the rotation, I suggested he write a Thank You note to everyone who helped him or that he knew. He wrote 83 notes! He hand-delivering each note. Two days after which, the manager asked to see him and offer him the position!

How to Make Appreciation Apart of Your Daily Routine
It’s quite simple. Plan to appreciate.

Every day, I find something new to compliment my wife and daughter on. I don’t do this because it’s natural. I do this because I’m intentionally building a habit. Plus, my wife loves it. Izzie is too young to understand just yet 🙂

I aim to compliment or show appreciate for 3 people daily at work.

Compliment in Front of Others
This takes appreciation to a whole new level. Being complimented in front of a group is like my high. Receiving claps after a lecture rocks my world.

Next time you compliment, make sure the person is in front of her peers. Deliver it with gusto.

This is how a culture of appreciation is born.

The Dangers of Building the Appreciate Habit
Unless you are sincere, people will see right through you. And you’ll be worse off than when you started.

Don’t you dare give a compliment unless you absolutely mean it.

Make it simple with an explanation.

“Hey Dorothy, thank you for participating in the meeting today. I really appreciate when members contribute to the discussion because I’m not an expert and I need your creative ideas!”

How do you deliver appreciation? What can you start today towards appreciating others? 

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